Clients whose lives have been blighted by emotional turmoil of one kind or another have often remarked on the feelings of peace, tranquillity and release from anxiety experienced after just one consultation. The same clients have ultimately gone on to make a full recovery to enjoy once more the better, more fulfilling lives they deserve.
You could join them: there is no need – and no rational reason – why you should suffer a day longer. Those who are tormented by mental anguish often feel an increasing sense of isolation and a sense of despair. It is in addressing these situations that the power of hypnotherapy really comes to the fore and helps the sufferer to see things from a different perspective, increasing confidence, speeding recovery, healing the hurt mind.

At Just For You our solution is to offer an integrated approach called phychotherapeutic counselling. You’ll learn how to deal with the past, present and future; how to work with stress and anxiety; self-defeating behaviours; relationships; loss and bereavement; anger and frustration; personal growth, creativity and development. We use different types of therapy as appropriate for different clients and issues. We understand the need to listen and to respect and understand the client.

We offer person-centred counselling, psychodynamic counselling and psychoanalysis.